Cordless Power Tools

For Everyday People

Making Cordless Tools Simple

Cordless power tools are among some of the most useful tools. They provide quick, convenient and powerful tools that do not require a tether to a plug.

The problem with these miraculous tools is fact that there are so many different types. You can, for example, use a circular saw, a cut-off saw, a reciprocating saw, a jigsaw and other lesser known types of tools to rip boards, cut trim and perform general carpentry.

The unclear point, especially for people with less experience using power tools, is how each of these tools performs certain related jobs better than other tools.

A reciprocating saw, while capable of cutting boards, will do so in a way that leaves the cuts less refined and wobbly. This happens because a reciprocating saw is designed merely to make quick, rough cuts, which is incredibly useful in situations where less precision is required, such as for demolition.

The aim of Cordless Power Tools For Everyday People is to make choosing the right cordless power tool simple, easy and accurate. This means you'll need to spend less money, and go through fewer hassles to obtain the best tool.

Why Having the Right Tool Matters

There is a marked difference between having a tool adequate for finishing the job, and oen designed to do the job. When this comes to cordless power tools, picking the right tool by qualities such as price can make for an incredible difference.

Consider a situation where you have the choice between a battery-operated reciprocating saw that attaches to a cordless drill, and a cordless jigsaw.

If you need to perform demolition or even tree pruning, then the reciprocating saw is likely perfect for the job. It can cut through nails (with the right blade), wood and other various materials. It will quickly make rough cuts, but the length of the reciprocating saw and the shape of the blade will limit it to those rough cuts.

A cordless jigsaw, on the other hand, is perfect for making precise, smaller cuts. Ventilation holes, cuts for installing doors and windows, and finer angled cuts are the best features of cordless jigsaws.

The drawback is that cordless jigsaws tend to be limited in terms of power and durability. Their motors tend to be smaller, which means that they will often burn out when used for ripping plywood boards.

This should make the importance of having the right tool for the job clear, especially when you consider how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Tools that are too robust will weigh more and create a greater strain on your hands, while tools that are insufficient will be unable to complete the jobs you need to do.