Cordless Power Tools

For Everyday People

Cordless Power Tools in Everyday Life

Some of the uses of cordless power tools are inherently obvious. They are, for example, great for contractors because they allow their jobs to be performed with the greatest ease and accuracy. This allows jobs to be completed quickly, accurately and without the hassle required by manual tools.

Other uses are less obvious. These are the everyday uses of cordless tools that almost everyone can appreciate.


Understanding the Common Uses for Cordless Tools

There are many different types of people whose lives can be made easier by using cordless power tools. They can do everything from making a job simpler to perform to ensuring that a screw is not stripped when it is countersunk by a non-professional.

A cordless drill, for example, can be used to:

  • Hang pictures
  • Create holes
  • Enlarge existing holes
  • Correct stripped machine holes
  • Polish, sand and wax
  • Make fine adjustments to machined objects
  • Trim bushes and prune trees

While some of these actions may be shared by professional uses, they are everyday actions that the typical homeowner or consumer may perform.


Why Quality Matters

Just because a tool may be used by a non-professional does not mean any type of tool will do. Quality is something that is inherently important with cordless tools, as finding a tool that delivers a little more value may make the entire difference in how versatile a tool is.

The topic of nickel-cadmium vs. lithium-ion batteries is a perfect example of when spending a little more will get you significantly more value.

Lithium-ion batteries typically provide a higher amount of power, longer life spans and more features than cordless power tools utilizing the older nickel-cadmium type of battery. This can allow for an individual to acquire a more reliable tool while reducing the amount of money that must be spent on upkeep with regards to that individual tool.

Features are another issue where quality matters. Picking the right features will help to minimize the number of tools you need while ensuring that your tools can perform their required jobs with the greatest degree of quality possible.

A quality cordless power tool in use by a professional.

Anatomy of brushless vs. brushed motors.